Impact of technology on communication

Communication is a very important sector of our daily life. The capability to deliver your ideas clearly and effectively to someone is one of the skills employers look for in the employees. From the last few decades, technology have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.

Communication_Image_Cloud-1024x666-16noui2figure 1: Technical communication, Source: Blog(2014)

Technology put some positive and negative effects on communication, these effects come as blended pack. Some points are listed below:

  • Smart Phones:

Smart phones or mobile phones empowers us to communicate with thousands of contacts across the world within seconds. It is no more to use voice or face to face communicate, we can use SMS messages or leave a voicemail.

  • Social Media:

Social Media have been a transformation in how people connect with each another. Social media is extremely useful for everybody to stay associated with companions and mates. Some people post wrong news on social media for their personal advantages which can be ruin a person’s life.  The data you put out on the Internet over social media, intended or not, affects you in the real world. (Schmidt, 2007)

  • Reports:

There are as many different types of reports as there are reasons for reporting. The basic function of a report is to communicate information effectively and should have proper format. (Cenere, 2016)

  • Email:

Emails are the  letter-composing  of 21th century. It enables us to send short thoughts and extensive documents and enable us to send same files to to many individuals at same time. Email has made communication more  adaptable by giving us varieties of new ways to spread data, make new companions or apologize for wrongdoing. (Mohan, 2008)


These types of technologies make communication more easy and effective.



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