How can becoming self-aware aid you when negotiating?

When it comes to negotiation, many people either like it or dread it. It is a procedure where two or more people with different objectives and needs examine an issue to find a commonly acceptable solution.  (Maurie, 2014).negotiation.jpgFigure: 1 Important Factors that affect the Process of Negotiation.    Source:

Everybody need negotiation skills in daily life to deal with different people, and everybody can be a good negotiator. Some points are given below:

  1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Self-awareness for good negotiators means identifying and using your strengths while pinpointing and minimizing your weaknesses (Cenere, 2016). Make some time to map out a strength, weaknesses, actions matrix. For example, where to start a negotiation is a common weakness (Maurie, 2014).

  1. Desired Outcomes

Most negotiators make mistakes is that they fail to plan effectively. Many negotiators believe that they have an inborn ability to negotiate, which doesn’t require them to prepare (Maurie, 2014). Planning and preparation are the key to success. Proper planing can transform an accommodator into a champion and a competitor into a collaborative, results-oriented negotiator. While planning, it is essential identifying your goals, understanding your priorities within those goals, and predicting what the other party’s goals and responses might be.

  1. Understand your emotions

Using Emotions as you negotiate will help in knowing the aspect of your personality can help you perform better (Cenere, 2016).

  1. Practice

Practising in front of family members or even in privacy of your own home. By practising you will come to know about your weak points and also how you sound as well (Maurie, 2014).



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